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Tools & Torches

  1. 1 LED light aluminium torch 256214

    1 LED light aluminium torch
    1 White LED light Aluminium torch with handstrap. 3 AAA batteries not included.

    From£2.29 EACH

  2. 25-parts tool set Managua 113695

    25-parts tool set Managua
    Material: plastic, PP, steelBranding Method: stickerEngraving Area: onto the box, centeredPacked in...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. 25 piece tool set 220764

    25 piece tool set
    25 piece tool set in tyre shaped box including 1 extender, 1 socket screwdriver, 1 nose plier, 5...

    From£9.14 EACH

  4. 26 pcs tool in aluminium case 220636

    26 pcs tool in aluminium case
    Tool set presented in aluminium case containing 1 nose plier, 1 cutting plier, 1 socket...

    From£10.88 EACH

  5. 2 LED dynamo torch 220631

    2 LED dynamo torch
    2 LED ABS dynamo torch. 3 AG10 batteries included.

    From£1.49 EACH

  6. 2 m measuring tape 220153

    2 m measuring tape
    Includes a memo pad, ball pen and spirit level

    From£1.37 EACH

  7. 2 piece tool set 220824

    2 piece tool set
    Tool set with 9 LED aluminium torch and aluminium multi tool in pen shape. Includes 3 slotted and 3...

    From£5.07 EACH

  8. 3 in 1 Emergency hammer 220763

    3 in 1 Emergency hammer
    3 in 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter and LED light made of ABS. 3 AG3 batteries included.

    From£2.87 EACH

  9. 3 LED torch with magnet 220628

    3 LED torch with magnet
    HIPS 3 LED emergency car torch with magnet at the back. 4 AG3 batteries included.

    From£1.55 EACH

  10. 5 LED solar torch 220774

    5 LED solar torch
    5 LED solar torch made of ABS with flashing light function and 2 or 5 LED mode selectable....

    From£5.71 EACH

  11. 9 LED metal torch Montargis 113511

    9 LED metal torch Montargis
    Material: aluminiumInformation: 9 LEDs, hand loopBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area:...

    £0.00 EACH

  12. Adult Safety Jacket 248199

    Adult Safety Jacket
    Adult's polyester safety jacket with high visibility strips packed in a zipped pouch. One size:...

    From£4.46 EACH

  13. Adventure Multi-Tool with 9 functions 275643

    Adventure Multi-Tool with 9 functions
    A designed by Toppoint 9 function Multi Tool is a reliable tool within its class, During designing...

    From£6.55 EACH

  14. Adventure Pocket-knife with 11 functions 275642

    Adventure Pocket-knife with 11 functions
    Functional and beautiful. Something that doesnt usually go together. This designed by Toppoint...

    From£4.08 EACH

  15. Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions 275458

    Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions
    A designed by Toppoint Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions including a knife, scissors, can...

    From£3.34 EACH

  16. Alcohol tester 220367

    Alcohol tester
    Alcohol tester in ABS housing. Sound alert function and 2 units measure of alcohol level, %BAC &...

    From£7.68 EACH

  17. Aluminium torch 220627

    Aluminium torch
    1W LED light, aluminium torch with compass on rear and car charger included with hand strap and...

    From£12.30 EACH

  18. Aluminium torch w/ lanyard 220479

    Aluminium torch w/ lanyard
    6 LED lights aluminium mini torch with hand strap. 2 cell batteries included.

    From£2.07 EACH

  19. Anti-stress ball 220185

    Anti-stress ball
    Anti-stress baseball shape. PVC material.

    From£0.60 EACH

  20. Anti-stress ball 220000

    Anti-stress ball
    PU material

    From£0.64 EACH

  21. Anti-stress ball globe 220186

    Anti-stress ball globe
    Anti-stress globe shape. PU material.

    From£0.80 EACH

  22. Anti-stress decision dice 220188

    Anti-stress decision dice
    Anti-stress decision dice shape. PU material.

    From£1.26 EACH

  23. Anti-stress football 220187

    Anti-stress football
    Anti-stress football shape. PU material.

    From£0.74 EACH

  24. Anti-stress heart PU material 220077

    Anti-stress heart PU material
    Anti-stress heart shape. PU material.

    From£0.66 EACH

  25. Anti-stress in cloud shape 220531

    Anti-stress in cloud shape
    PU material

    From£1.16 EACH

  26. Anti-stress in truck shape 220629

    Anti-stress in truck shape
    Anti-stress truck shaped. PU material.

    From£1.44 EACH

  27. Anti-stress PU bulb 220506

    Anti-stress PU bulb
    Anti-stress in light bulb shape. PU material.

    From£1.13 EACH

  28. Anti-stress PU doctor 220448

    Anti-stress PU doctor
    Anti-stress doctor shape. PU material.

    From£0.96 EACH

  29. Anti-stress square 220474

    Anti-stress square
    Anti-stress square shape. PU material.

    From£0.86 EACH

  30. Apollo Magnifying Glass 248110

    Apollo Magnifying Glass
    Handheld magnifying lense with LED light.

    From£2.04 EACH