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  1. Retro Sweet Bags 203842

    Retro Sweet Bags
    Heat sealed bag containing a selection of retro sweets. Personalised with a printed sticker to the...

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Chocolate Promo Card 287001

    Chocolate Promo Card
    A 10g milk chocolate bar supplied on its own backing card. Personalised with a digital print to the...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. Neapolitans (Two) in Pillow Pack 145193

    Neapolitans (Two) in Pillow Pack
    Two Neapolitan chocolates in either milk or dark chocolate, packed within a pillow pack and full...

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Neapolitans (Five) in Pillow Pack 145194

    Neapolitans (Five) in Pillow Pack
    Ideal promotional gift. Five Neapolitan chocolates in either milk or dark chocolate, packed within...

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Chocolate Fountain "como" 188376

    Chocolate Fountain
    Lets go into melt-down! With this chocolate fountain you will delight every chocoholic. It's easy...

    £0.00 EACH

  6. Chocolate Square 70791155

    Chocolate Square
    5g Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Square. Available in orange, mint and milk chocolate flavours.

    £0.00 EACH

  7. Chocolate fountain "Como" 113374

    Chocolate fountain
    Lets go into melt-down! With this chocolate fountain you will delight every chocoholic. It's easy...

    £0.00 EACH

  8. Chocolate Neapolitans 70718327

    Chocolate Neapolitans
    Small 5g chocolates in personalised wrappers

    From£0.16 EACH

  9. Neapolitan Chocolates Foil Blocked 707233

    Neapolitan Chocolates Foil Blocked
    Foil blocked 1 colour 5g wrapped chocolate squares, milk chocolate, chocolate mint, orange...

    From£0.13 EACH

  10. Personalised Chocolate Coins - 38mm 183366

    Personalised Chocolate Coins - 38mm
    Milk Chocolate 38mm coin embossed on both sides with the design of your choice. Coins are wrapped...

    From£0.34 EACH

  11. Personalised Chocolate Coins - 55mm 25676

    Personalised Chocolate Coins - 55mm
    Individually personalised chocolate coins, embossed on either side with the design of your choice....

    From£0.57 EACH

  12. Chocolate Ingots 25677

    Chocolate Ingots
    Rectangular, gold foiled, milk chocolate ingot embossedwith your personalised design.

    From£0.54 EACH

  13. Choc Chip Cookie 205011

    Choc Chip Cookie
    1 vanilla flavoured cookie with choc chipsdigitally printed label

    From£0.69 EACH

  14. 25g Milk Chocolate Bar - Mini Bar 70890583

    25g Milk Chocolate Bar - Mini  Bar
    25g foiled solid milk chocolate bar with a full colour printed sleeve for a personalised logo or...

    From£0.77 EACH

  15. Neapolitan Chocolates (Dark or Milk Chocolate) 92836

    Neapolitan Chocolates (Dark or Milk Chocolate)
    U.K. manufactured Neapolitan chocolates in dark or milk chocolate flavour, printed full colour to...

    From£0.31 EACH

  16. Personalised Chocolate Coins - 75mm 25675

    Personalised Chocolate Coins - 75mm
    Individually personalised chocolate Coins, embossed on either side with the design of your choice.

    From£1.00 EACH

  17. Message Envelope 215848

    Message Envelope
    1 solid milk chocolate neapolitan with a digitally printed wrap packed in a digitally printed...

    From£1.00 EACH

  18. Nets of Coins 16105X

    Nets of Coins
    Gold net containing assorted chocolate sterling coins.

    From£0.89 Each

  19. Chocolate Spanner 204222

    Chocolate Spanner
    solid milk belgian chocolate digitally printed header card

    From£0.99 EACH

  20. Chocolate Golf Ball 204226

    Chocolate Golf Ball
    solid white chocolate digitally printed header cardunit weight: 18g

    From£1.01 EACH

  21. Coin Net 109388

    Coin Net
    solid milk chocolate coins in gold foil in 5p & 10p denominationsdigitally printed swing tag and...

    From£1.16 EACH

  22. Milk Chocolate Tennis Racquet 109181

    Milk Chocolate Tennis Racquet
    Milk chocolate tennis racquet with CMYK printed header card

    From£1.32 EACH

  23. Nets of Chocolate Coins 70718337

    Nets of Chocolate Coins
    Gold Net containing assorted chocolate Sterling coins.

    From£1.07 EACH

  24. Sweetie Tube -Gourmet Jelly Beans 214632

    Sweetie Tube -Gourmet Jelly Beans
    Our sweet tube, with a fully branded flat wrap label. Filled with your choice of Gourmet Jelly...

    From£1.27 EACH

  25. Net of Embossed Coins 90729

    Net of Embossed Coins
    Each net contains 5 x 38mm milk chocolate coins embossed with your design. The nets are also...

    From£1.56 EACH

  26. Chunky Chocolate Bars 16404X

    Chunky Chocolate Bars
    40g Chunky chocolate bar in personalised wrappers. Traditional rectangular bar or square shaped bar...

    From£1.33 Each

  27. Chocolate Neapolitans Digitally Printed 70740723

    Chocolate Neapolitans Digitally Printed
    Milk chocolate 5g Neapolitans with silver foil printed full colour

    From£0.38 EACH

  28. Rabbit Card 145174

    Rabbit Card
    CMYK printed card containing a foiled Belgian milk chocolate rabbit.

    From£1.46 EACH

  29. Christmas Mini A Box 204503

    Christmas Mini A Box
    solid milk chocolate with santa foilsdigitally printed box

    From£1.51 EACH


    LOVE HEART PILLOW BOX Beautifully presented pillow boxes with full colour digital label, containing...

    From£1.32 EACH

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