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City & Shoulder Bags

  1. Shoulder Bag "bristol" 170054

    Shoulder Bag
    Golden advertising! Highlight your advertising with this bag made from gold foil non-woven material...

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Shoulder Bag "leno" 170157

    Shoulder Bag
    Universal elegance made of felt! The small shoulder bag is the ideal companion for any occasion due...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. Shoulder Bag "calera" 169936

    Shoulder Bag
    Modern and Stylish record bag made from 1680D polyester offers a main pocket 3 ball pen compartment...

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Paper Baguette Bag - Standard 17332

    Paper Baguette Bag - Standard
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Shoulder Bag "monza" 113453

    Shoulder Bag
    Big shoulder bag in a great design. The bag made out of 300D polyester got a large inner...

    £0.00 EACH

  6. Paper Sandwich Bag - Small 17336

    Paper Sandwich Bag - Small
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...

    £0.00 EACH

  7. Paper Sandwich Bag - Medium (10 17339

    Paper Sandwich Bag - Medium (10
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...

    £0.00 EACH

  8. Bag Kiping 240629

    Bag Kiping
    Polyester pouch with drawstring closure.

    From£0.53 EACH

  9. Bag Hidra 240635

    Bag Hidra
    Velvet cord drawstring pouch. Suitable for gifts, presentation and storage. Can be used for...

    From£0.60 EACH

  10. Shoulder Bag Cross 241857

    Shoulder Bag Cross
    Non Woven shoulder bag.

    From£1.10 EACH

  11. Drawstring Bag Hera 240486

    Drawstring Bag Hera
    Non woven drawstring bag.

    From£1.10 EACH

  12. Bag Cuper 269043

    Bag Cuper
    Non-Woven drawstring bag. Ideal for carrying large items.

    From£1.18 EACH

  13. Drawstring Bag Dinki 268771

    Drawstring Bag Dinki
    Polyester 210D drawstring bag. Supplied in a range of colours.

    From£1.18 EACH

  14. Shoulder Bag Sira 240254

    Shoulder Bag Sira
    Non Woven shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

    From£1.65 EACH

  15. Drawstring Bag Wizzy 298034

    Drawstring Bag Wizzy
    Colour your own drawstring bag with five crayons included. Non-woven white base with animal...

    From£1.51 EACH

  16. Shoulder Bag Jasmine 241992

    Shoulder Bag Jasmine
    Non Woven shoulder bag.

    From£1.54 EACH

  17. Foldable Drawstring Bag Thais 240753

    Foldable Drawstring Bag Thais
    Foldable drawstring bag. Polyester 210T. Range of colours available.

    From£1.51 EACH

  18. Foldable Bag Sukrem 269040

    Foldable Bag Sukrem
    Folding polyester 190T yellow emoji bag. Supplied in smiley face, wink face, cool face and heart...

    From£1.51 EACH

  19. Drawstring Bag Vesnap 268874

    Drawstring Bag Vesnap
    Non-Woven drawstring bag with front zipped pocket and earphone hole.

    From£1.59 EACH

  20. Bag Expo 239774

    Bag Expo
    Non woven PP bag with adjustable shoulder strap and popper closure.

    From£1.77 EACH

  21. Shoulder Bag Criss 242050

    Shoulder Bag Criss
    Travel shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with three zipped compartments.

    From£1.74 EACH

  22. Drawstring Bag Mayek 240522

    Drawstring Bag Mayek
    Polyester 210D drawstring bag with three compartments.

    From£1.76 EACH

  23. New York shoulder bag 47011

    New York shoulder bag
    Small trendy bag with adjustable shoulder strap, zipped main compartment and zipped front pocket....

    From£2.53 EACH

  24. Drawstring Bag Gadex 240790

    Drawstring Bag Gadex
    Drawstring bag, range of bright colours.

    From£1.81 EACH

  25. Mission non woven shoulder bag 94194

    Mission non woven shoulder bag
    Dispatch bag with shoulder strap, open main compartment and several pockets under flap. Non woven...

    From£2.69 EACH

  26. Two Colour Shoulder Bag 286670

    Two Colour Shoulder Bag
    Large tote style shoulder bag with zipped main compartment, pen and business card pockets, front...

    From£2.68 EACH

  27. San Diego shoulder bag 116343

    San Diego shoulder bag
    Small shoulder bag fits iPad and most other tablets with front zipped pocket. 600D Polyester

    From£3.70 EACH

  28. Corner Pocket Convention Briefcase 258869

    Corner Pocket Convention Briefcase
    Conference bag with zipped main compartment and easy to access front pocket. The zipped corner...

    From£4.06 EACH

  29. BUCHI 220182

    Shoulder bag. 600D polyester.

    From£3.63 EACH

  30. Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa 241145

    Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa
    Childrens folding animal 190T polyester drawstring backback, with clip attachment.

    From£1.88 EACH

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