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Cool Bags

  1. 12-can Drink Pocket Cooler 273077

    12-can Drink Pocket Cooler
    Cooler bag with zipped main compartment that holds up to 12 cans plus ice packs. Patented Thermal...

    £13.97 EACH

  2. 24-can Easy-access Cooler 218880

    24-can Easy-access Cooler
    Cooler bag with zipped main compartment that holds up to 24 cans. Zipped front compartment. Easy...

    £18.27 EACH

  3. 3-in-1 cooler backpack & tote 295231

    3-in-1 cooler backpack & tote
    This two tone 500D polyester backpack has a main compartment for your beach gear and a bottom...

    £17.36 EACH

  4. 50-can Table Top Cooler 218882

    50-can Table Top Cooler
    Unique design of this large cooler with easy access lid and table top function makes it perfect for...

    £35.56 EACH

  5. 9-can Taron Business Traveller Cooler 289958

    9-can Taron Business Traveller Cooler
    Business travel cooler bag with a zipped main compartment which holds up to 9 cans. Front flap...

    £14.40 EACH

  6. Alpine Bottle Cooler 248289

    Alpine Bottle Cooler
    Zipped 600d polyester cooler bag for 1.5 litre bottles with adjustable carry strap and mesh pocket.

    £3.97 EACH

  7. Bag Yermen 240898

    Bag Yermen
    Laminated non-woven bag with front pocket.

    £9.85 EACH

  8. Bergen Cooler Lunch Pack 46209

    Bergen Cooler Lunch Pack
    Cooler lunch bag with several convenient pockets for napkins or snacks and 2 lunch boxes for...

    £13.42 EACH

  9. Bottle Cooler Luthor 240782

    Bottle Cooler Luthor
    Bottle cooler pack witheyelet and caribiner, PET 400ml.

    £3.01 EACH

  10. Bottle Cooling Bag "sandviken" 170071

    Bottle Cooling Bag
    With this practical bottle cooler bag made of nylon the drinks will stay cold even on hot days....

    £0.00 EACH

  11. Brisbane Cooler Backpack 94190

    Brisbane Cooler Backpack
    Trendy exclusive design cooler rucksack with several functional pockets. 300D Polyester

    £19.34 EACH

  12. Brown Paper Bag Cooler 290069

    Brown Paper Bag Cooler
    Cooler bag with a paper look print to give the impression of the iconic brown paper bag. Insulated...

    £2.14 EACH

  13. Caddy Cooler Bag 248049

    Caddy Cooler Bag
    High quality 600d polyester cooler bag designed to look like a golf bag.

    £4.27 EACH

  14. Carry Cool Bag 298299

    Carry Cool Bag
    Carry Cool Bag with adjustable strap.

    £5.57 EACH

  15. Chilly Insulated Grocery Tote 06903X

    Chilly Insulated Grocery Tote
    Made of 80 gram, non-woven polypropylene, this cooler bag features a front slip pocket for...

    From£4.26 Each

  16. Coolbag 167533

    Non woven large cool bag with zipper and a firm handle. A large print area. 1 colour print by...

    £3.83 EACH

  17. Coolbag 6 cans 275686

    Coolbag 6 cans
    Polyester cool bag with belt for transportation. Compact and suitable for 6 cans (33cl.) With...

    £2.54 EACH

  18. Cool Bag Alufresh 239919

    Cool Bag Alufresh
    Cooler bag.

    £4.90 EACH

  19. Cool Bag Artirian 268918

    Cool Bag Artirian
    Polyester 210D/PEVA Cool bag with main zipped compartment, bottom zipped compartment, side mesh...

    £12.37 EACH

  20. Cool Bag Backpack Zaleax 240817

    Cool Bag Backpack Zaleax
    Cool bag backpack with padded shoulder straps. Polyester 600D/PVC.

    £25.13 EACH

  21. Cool Bag Bemel 240766

    Cool Bag Bemel
    Polyester 600D cooler bag with several storage compartments, carry handle and padded shoulder strap.

    £24.54 EACH

  22. Cool Bag Buck 239776

    Cool Bag Buck
    Cooler bag with zip closure.

    £9.96 EACH

  23. Cool Bag Coolcan 239775

    Cool Bag Coolcan
    Insulated PVC six can cooler lunch bag with carry strap, zip fastening and an aluminium lining.

    £5.22 EACH

  24. Cool Bag Daniels 239924

    Cool Bag Daniels
    Foldable cool bag with zip closure.

    £9.91 EACH

  25. Coolbag Foldable 167561

    Coolbag Foldable
    Foldable portable cool bag. Bag can be folded into a small pouch. Zipper closure. Additional...

    £4.55 EACH

  26. Cool Bag Hertum 298069

    Cool Bag Hertum
    Solid colour non-woven cooler bag with a single zipped main compartment. Aluminium lined bag to fit...

    £2.82 EACH

  27. Cool Bag Hobart 241061

    Cool Bag Hobart
    Laminated non-woven cooler bag.

    £5.39 EACH

  28. Coolbag Ice 189071

    Coolbag Ice
    Cool bag with removable gel pads in a compartment on the inside of the bag. An easy way to keep...

    £5.01 EACH

  29. Cool Bag Keixa 240534

    Cool Bag Keixa
    Lightweight non woven and aluminium cooler bag with hook and loop fastening flap and reinforced...

    £4.95 EACH

  30. Cool Bag Klab 241014

    Cool Bag Klab
    Foldable cool bag made from 600D polyester with aluminium interior.

    £12.44 EACH

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