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  1. Fan 238213

    Handheld Fabric Fan available with a white or black plastic handle. The fabric part can be printed...

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Handheld Electric Fan 250693

    Handheld Electric Fan
    The Handheld Electric Fan is a practical gift with a unique way of putting your brand across!...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. Led Fan 171477

    Led Fan
    The LED Fan is a practical gift with a unique way of putting your brand across! Colour of Fan can...

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Led Message Fans 04075618

    Led Message Fans
    hand held battery operated fan that displays up to six different messages (each up to 18...

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Fan 268511

    Handheld PP Fans available with a choice of 9 plastic handle colours. Shape of Fan can be a simple...

    £0.00 EACH

  6. Handheld Fans 309517

    Handheld Fans
    These branded hand-held paddle fans can be cut to any custom shape, making them the most...

    From£0.56 EACH

  7. Pai Pai Stilo 239810

    Pai Pai Stilo
    Concertina fabric hand held circular shaped fan with plastic handle. Perfect for keeping cool in...

    From£0.63 EACH

  8. Pai Pai Fan 248240

    Pai Pai Fan
    Pai Pai fan with plastic handle, and detachable fan head.

    From£0.80 EACH

  9. Pai Pai Kerry 241767

    Pai Pai Kerry
    Promotional fan with large print area.

    From£0.75 EACH

  10. Pop Up Fan 248241

    Pop Up Fan
    Foldable Pai Pai fan on a lanyard with safety break.

    From£1.21 EACH

  11. Breeze Fan 248239

    Breeze Fan
    Plastic handheld fan available in a variety of colours.

    From£1.29 EACH

  12. Plastic Folding Paddle Fan 309261

    Plastic Folding Paddle Fan
    Our Plastic Folding Paddle Fan has 7 sections with a concertina motion to neatly fold away in to a...

    From£0.55 EACH

  13. Pai Pai Liyox 240864

    Pai Pai Liyox
    Pai Pai (hand fan) foldable in range of colours.

    From£1.22 EACH

  14. Hand Fan Tela 241723

    Hand Fan Tela
    Concertina fabric hand held fan with plastic handle. Perfect for keeping cool in summer or on...

    From£1.38 EACH

  15. Miniature Fan 205255

    Miniature Fan
    Coloured plastic rectangular fan keyring comes complete with batteries and a split key ready to...

    From£1.71 EACH

  16. ALICANTE 220327

    Individual water spray in ABS casing.

    From£2.54 EACH

  17. Hand Fan Madera 241724

    Hand Fan Madera
    Foldable fan.

    From£1.68 EACH

  18. Hand Fan Tetex 241325

    Hand Fan Tetex
    Hand Fan with plastic ribs. Ideal for summer time and at the beach.

    From£2.20 EACH

  19. Hand Fan Folklore 241766

    Hand Fan Folklore
    Foldable fan in a variety of colours.

    From£2.01 EACH

  20. Fan Vanur 240578

    Fan Vanur
    Fan AA/R06 battery not included.

    From£1.95 EACH

  21. Hand Fan Kertex 240511

    Hand Fan Kertex
    Bamboo ribs, hand fan.

    From£2.50 EACH

  22. Hand Fan Ventol 241645

    Hand Fan Ventol
    Hello Kitty hand fan with wooden ribs and polkadot print design.

    From£2.94 EACH

  23. Fan Levant 241294

    Fan Levant
    Fan to be used with a smartphone. Has Micro USB/iPhone 5 connections.

    From£3.45 EACH

  24. Air Blower Tucco 240882

    Air Blower Tucco
    Wind up BBQ fan.

    From£4.00 EACH

  25. Hand Fan Parix 241644

    Hand Fan Parix
    Polished wood pear ribs, hand fan.

    From£4.54 EACH

  26. Mini Fan Miclox 240786

    Mini Fan Miclox
    Desk fan with USB plug in cable.

    From£5.50 EACH