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First Aid Kits

  1. First-aid-kit "canterbury" 170033

    Great for those emergencies! This first-aid-kit supplies you for emergencies with two bandages (5 x...

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Plaster Box 90177906

    Plaster Box
    Plaster Box, with 5 plasters

    From£0.30 EACH

  3. Keychain CPR mask 74900

    Keychain CPR mask
    Small CPR face shield for mouth to mouth resuscitation in webbing style pouch with velcro closure...

    From£1.56 EACH

  4. Waterproof first aid kit 295159

    Waterproof first aid kit
    First aid kit including 5 pcs adhesive strips and a non woven sponge, 2 alcohol prep pads and 2...

    From£2.37 EACH

  5. First aid set in pouch 74902

    First aid set in pouch
    Pouch with one front pocket, one black zipped main compartment and belt loop on reverse side of...

    From£2.80 EACH

  6. Emergency Kit Yardim 240349

    Emergency Kit Yardim
    Emergency first aid kit in a plastic case with 37 accessories (1 x dressing bandage 2" x 3", 10 x...

    From£2.43 EACH

  7. First Aid Kit 15103X

    First Aid Kit
    Everyone should have the basic first aid kit and here it is including 2 antiseptic wipes, gauze...

    From£3.83 Each

  8. Glovebox Kit 15104X

    Glovebox Kit
    What every driver needs in an emergency this kit includes a ice scraper, disposable gloves, pen and...

    From£4.35 Each

  9. First aid tin box 74889

    First aid tin box
    18 pcs tin box, including plasters, antiseptic pads, bandage, tweezers, tape and pair of scissors,...

    From£4.66 EACH

  10. Mail size first aid kit 74895

    Mail size first aid kit
    24 pcs zipper pouch, including bandage, medical gloves, pair of scissors and tape in nylon pouch,...

    From£8.43 EACH

  11. Emergency Kit Redcross 241875

    Emergency Kit Redcross
    Emergency first aid kit in a 600D polyester pouch with Velcro fastening and 17 accessories (1 x...

    From£4.32 EACH

  12. First aid coffee mug 74890

    First aid coffee mug
    350ml stainless steel outside and ABS inside mug with handle, 0.2L detachable first aid compartment...

    From£9.99 EACH