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Health & Safety

  1. 10 piece first aid kit 46244

    10 piece first aid kit
    Gauze pad, 2 alcohol pads, soap wipe, wet wipe and 5 plasters in transparent red box with lanyard....

    £2.26 EACH

  2. 16 piece first aid kit 47184

    16 piece first aid kit
    EVA pouch including 4 alcohol pads, 1 non woven sponge, 5 adhesive plasters, 1 paper tape, 1...

    £5.92 EACH

  3. 18 piece first aid kit and professional safety vest 47198

    18 piece first aid kit and professional safety vest
    First aid pouch containing a professional ISO EN 20471 compliant safety vest, 5 plasters, 4 alcohol...

    £16.94 EACH

  4. 19 piece first aid kit 46222

    19 piece first aid kit
    5 Plasters, 4 alcohol pads, bandage, triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 5 gauzes and scissors in...

    £3.06 EACH

  5. 46 piece first aid kit and professional safety vest 47185

    46 piece first aid kit and professional safety vest
    Handy car emergency first aid kit including a triangle bandage, scissors, 2 pins, 2 bandages, 1...

    £20.30 EACH

  6. 5 piece children safety set 46358

    5 piece children safety set
    Includes an EN1150 compliant children's safety vest, monkey sticker, reflective bear with strap,...

    £7.84 EACH

  7. 5 piece plaster box 47200

    5 piece plaster box
    5 Plasters in transparent box. EN 13485 compliant. Plastic

    £0.39 EACH

  8. Blinki Reflector Light 156316

    Blinki Reflector Light
    Three LED light settings (solid, blinking and flashing left to right).  Press on/off power button...

    £1.16 EACH

  9. Bracelet Fluor 275566

    Bracelet Fluor
    Fluorescent, elastic braceling with imprint possiblities at the attached clip. Bracelent has...

    £3.27 EACH

  10. Ceres carabiner reflector light 272968

    Ceres carabiner reflector light
    Reflective carabiner key light with double function includes flashing and steady LED. On/off power...

    £1.23 EACH

  11. Children safety vest 46316

    Children safety vest
    Make sure that your children are always visible with this child's safety jacket. EN1150 compliant....

    £2.57 EACH

  12. Ear Plugs 243118

    Ear Plugs
    Two soft earplugs, packed in transparent box. Can be printed with a tampo pad print on the box....

    £0.56 EACH

  13. Ear plugs on cord 188890

    Ear plugs on cord
    Earplugs with a cord. Suitable to protect your ears during several activities, for example on an...

    £0.60 EACH

  14. Hitz compliant neon slap wrap 46285

    Hitz compliant neon slap wrap
    Slap & wrap. Safety can be that simple Make yourself more visible by slapping this band around your...

    £1.70 EACH

  15. Olymp LED arm band 273076

    Olymp LED arm band
    Adjustable, elastic outdoor visibility LED arm strap with nonwoven backing and power button to...

    £2.35 EACH

  16. Professional safety vest 47246

    Professional safety vest
    Be visible in traffic with this safety jacket. ISO EN 20471 compliant. Polyester

    £3.76 EACH

  17. Professional safety vest in pouch 46318

    Professional safety vest in pouch
    Be visible in traffic or outdoors with this professional safety jacket. ISO EN 20471 compliant....

    £4.08 EACH

  18. Reflector Carabiner Key Light 247413

    Reflector Carabiner Key Light
    Reflecting carabiner with chrome clip and LED light with power button. Batteries included. ABS...

    £0.96 EACH

  19. Safety cap 275567

    Safety cap
    Cap made from reflective material. No more difficult straps to attach to your arms or legs just a...

    £8.75 EACH

  20. Safety rucksack 275563

    Safety rucksack
    Rucksack in fluorescent yellow or black with reflecting patterns and adjustable shoulder straps....

    £13.23 EACH

  21. Safety Set Jarol 268812

    Safety Set Jarol
    Children's reflective safety set with high visibility vest, drawstring rucksack, slap band, keyring...

    £25.13 EACH

  22. Safety vest kids 167411

    Safety vest kids
    Safety vest for children with two reflective stripes. According to the European regulations EN1150.

    £2.59 EACH

  23. Safety Vest XL 167410

    Safety Vest XL
    Safety vest for adults with two reflective stripes and a velcro closure. According to regulation...

    £2.96 EACH

  24. Safty jacket Venlo 179234

    Safty jacket Venlo
    Material: polyesterInformation: complies to all EU standardsBranding Method: transferPrint Area:...

    £0.00 EACH

  25. Seemii reflector light 187186

    Seemii reflector light
    Outdoor reflector LED light with 3 bright white LED and single LED steady blinking function....

    £2.14 EACH

  26. Shini reflector light 46363

    Shini reflector light
    Reflector with flashing red light and back clip. Battery included. ABS and PP plastic

    £0.77 EACH

  27. Slapwrap 275565

    A fluorescent slapwrap with imprint possibilities. Ideal for runners, hikers, bikers and children...

    £2.31 EACH

  28. Slapz compliant blinking light 156286

    Slapz compliant blinking light
    Red flashing light includes reflective arm slap strap (27.8 x 2.4 cm) ideal for various outdoor...

    £1.82 EACH

  29. Waistbag 275564

    Waterproof waistbag that can be closed with a zipper. Adjustable and attachable with the plastic...

    £4.32 EACH

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