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Mens Gifts

  1. Garda Money Clip 95587

    Garda Money Clip
    Two tone nickel finish supplied in gift box.

    From£4.27 EACH

  2. Money Clip and Credit Card Holder 95588

    Money Clip and Credit Card Holder
    Black PU case with pocket for credit cards on one side and money clip on the other.

    From£4.35 EACH

  3. Buckingham Tie Pin Badge 245116

    Buckingham Tie Pin Badge
    Shiny silver round nickel plated tie pin badge fitted with a 55mm loop chain and secure clasp and...

    From£4.87 EACH

  4. Ebony Cuff Links 002105378

    Ebony Cuff Links
    Silver plated cuff links with black infill. Supplied in presentation box.

    From£6.97 EACH

  5. Philippi - Giorgio Glasses / Pen Case 172790

    Philippi - Giorgio Glasses / Pen Case
    Eyeglasses or pens are securely stored in the GIORGIO black leather case with a magnet lock. Not...

    From£19.86 EACH

  6. Philippi - Giorgio Tie Case 172789

    Philippi - Giorgio Tie Case
    Sometimes, its the little details that decide whether an appearance is favorable. A wrinkled tie...

    From£23.19 EACH

  7. Philippi - Giorgio Shoe Shine Kit 301103

    Philippi - Giorgio Shoe Shine Kit
    Styling Rule #1: Well-kept shoes are the secret to a well-groomed and perfect look! Thats why its...

    From£33.16 EACH

  8. Philippi - Giorgio Utility Box Desk Tidy 172794

    Philippi - Giorgio Utility Box Desk Tidy
    Its amazing how much stuff can get collected on a desk. pens, scissors, rulers, cell phones and...

    From£45.84 EACH

  9. Philippi - Giorgio Watch Box 172796

    Philippi - Giorgio Watch Box
    Wristwatches: for some people a useful everyday accessory, for others a collectors passion. A man...

    From£45.84 EACH

  10. Philippi - Giorgio Document Folder 172792

    Philippi - Giorgio Document Folder
    With an assured sense of style, the aesthetically pleasing document binder GIORGIO holds and...

    From£65.78 EACH

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