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Relaxation Items

  1. Heat Pack Deby 240641

    Heat Pack Deby
    Round handwarmer with snowflake print.

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Feet Massaging Shoe "harlow" 170081

    Feet Massaging Shoe
    The practical plastic shoe with its brushes and the pumice stone can easily be fixed in every...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. EyeMask (Standard Service) 90182940

    EyeMask (Standard Service)
    Soothing, relaxing, refreshing gel filled eye masks. Use straight from the fridge. Great for...

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Hot-water Bag With A Plush Cover "vancouver" 169987

    Hot-water Bag With A Plush Cover
    Heart-warming! With our hot-water bottle (750ml) in a cuddly plush bear print cover you'll have...

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Cooling Mask "valenton" 169997

    Cooling Mask
    For the special moments. Pamper your stressed eyes with the relaxing cooling mask. Just put the...

    £0.00 EACH

  6. Hot-Cold Pack Pikur 241319

    Hot-Cold Pack Pikur
    Reusable hot or cold pack.

    £1.42 EACH

  7. Heat Pack Kison 241318

    Heat Pack Kison
    Reusable circular heat pack.

    £1.49 EACH

  8. Manicure Set Silton 241139

    Manicure Set Silton
    PVC travel manicure set with 3 accessories. tweezers, scissors and nail clippers.

    £1.70 EACH

  9. Pillow Leos 239889

    Pillow Leos
    Inflatable neck pillow.

    £1.86 EACH

  10. BARBARA 220818

    Travel bath kit in foil packaging. Includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion and...

    £1.98 EACH

  11. Headrest Head 241796

    Headrest Head
    Head support 600D polyester.

    £2.22 EACH

  12. Pillow Egeo 239891

    Pillow Egeo
    Inflatable pillow.

    £2.24 EACH

  13. Aluminium Pillow Stadium 241846

    Aluminium Pillow Stadium
    Aluminium cushion with black edge seam.

    £2.29 EACH

  14. Neck Warmer Cherin 240623

    Neck Warmer Cherin
    Polyester neck warmer.

    £2.35 EACH

  15. Pillow Traveller 241759

    Pillow Traveller
    Inflatable neck pillow for travelers.

    £2.42 EACH

  16. Manicure Set Kelly 241833

    Manicure Set Kelly
    Three piece manicure set with, tweezers, nail file and nail clippers.

    £2.66 EACH

  17. Pillow Quasar 239890

    Pillow Quasar
    Inflatable pillow in the shape of an armchair.

    £2.75 EACH

  18. Heat Bag Aika 240305

    Heat Bag Aika
    Reusable hot water bottle shpaed heat pack in knitted pouch.

    £3.06 EACH

  19. TRAVELME 220802

    Travel bath kit in PVC pouch. Includes shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

    £3.17 EACH

  20. EyeMask (Express Service) 90191171

    EyeMask (Express Service)
    Soothing, relaxing, refreshing gel filled eye masks. Use straight from the fridge. Great for...

    £3.24 EACH

  21. Travel Set Plonet 240591

    Travel Set Plonet
    Mirofibre travel neck cusion with eyemask complete in a wallet.

    £3.33 EACH

  22. Neck Warmer Becks 240932

    Neck Warmer Becks
    Fluorescent polyester neck warmer.

    £3.38 EACH

  23. Hot-Cold Pack Famik 241317

    Hot-Cold Pack Famik
    Hot and cold pack.

    £3.82 EACH

  24. Blanket. 158672

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 180 gm. 1450 x 950 mm

    £4.17 EACH

  25. Air Mattress Wave 241854

    Air Mattress Wave
    Mini lilo with pull string.

    £4.50 EACH

  26. Neck Warmer Nostal 240979

    Neck Warmer Nostal
    Anti-pilling polar fleece neck warmer with zip, 200g/m2.

    £4.90 EACH

  27. FOAMA 220651

    Bath set including 50 ml body lotion, 50 ml body wash and mesh sponge with hanging cord presented...

    £5.08 EACH

  28. Neck Warmer Arick 241462

    Neck Warmer Arick
    Anti-pilling neck warmer.

    £5.55 EACH

  29. Blanket. 218559

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 180 gm. With removable handle. 1500 x 1200 mm

    £5.64 EACH

  30. Back Support Belt Visser 241163

    Back Support Belt Visser
    Velcro back support belt. Great for lumbar support.

    £5.81 EACH

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