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Scarfs & Gloves

  1. Acrylic gloves with touch tops on two fingers 160036

    Acrylic gloves with touch tops on two fingers
    Handle your smartphone and still have warm hands - this is no problem with these gloves made of...

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Broach scarf 148978

    Broach scarf
    2x2 100% Acrylic rib knit

    From£11.72 EACH

  3. Clique Functional Gloves 262493

    Clique Functional Gloves
    Functional sport gloves in polyester with decorative seams.

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Clique Mendon Scarf 262489

    Clique Mendon Scarf
    Heavy knitted scarf.

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Columbus scarf 148979

    Columbus scarf
    Single layer scarf. 1x1 Rib knit of 100% Acrylic

    From£3.16 EACH

  6. Digitally Printed Ladies Scarf 288831

    Digitally Printed Ladies Scarf
    Digitally printed ladies polyester scarf in our most popular rectangular size. Also available in...

    From£7.52 EACH

  7. Dye Printed Polyester Scarf 30140125

    Dye Printed Polyester Scarf
    Ladies Polyester Scarf, printed with a fully bespoke design. The design can be to your...

    From£5.27 EACH

  8. Dye Printed Polyester Square 30140126

    Dye Printed Polyester Square
    Ladies Polyester Square, printed with a fully bespoke design. The design can be to your...

    From£8.00 EACH

  9. Dye Printed Silk Scarf 30140128

    Dye Printed Silk Scarf
    Ladies Silk Scarf, printed with a fully bespoke design. The design can be to your specification, or...

    From£9.73 EACH

  10. Dye Printed Silk Square 30140129

    Dye Printed Silk Square
    Ladies Silk Square, printed with a fully bespoke design. The design can be to your specification,...

    From£17.86 EACH

  11. Fan Scarf 212135

    Fan Scarf
    Polyester or Acrylic Scarf with Fringe. Size: 150x18cm. Perfect for Sports Events, Football Events...

    £0.00 EACH

  12. Foulard Hornap 240851

    Foulard Hornap
    Neck scarf, Viscose/Polyester.

    From£3.08 EACH

  13. Foulard Instint 240131

    Foulard Instint
    Viscose and polyester neck scarf.

    From£2.17 EACH

  14. Foulard Petra 241471

    Foulard Petra
    Long scarf.

    From£2.67 EACH

  15. Foulard Pilik 241188

    Foulard Pilik
    Viscose/Polyester mix light weight scarf.

    From£3.39 EACH

  16. Foulard Volga 239853

    Foulard Volga
    Cotton and polyester long scarf.

    From£2.12 EACH

  17. Gloves Enox 240245

    Gloves Enox
    Cotton one size gloves with rubber grip zones and elasticated wrists.

    From£2.29 EACH

  18. Gloves Monti 241816

    Gloves Monti
    Anti-pilling polar fleece winter gloves with connecter clip and elasticated cuffs to trap heat....

    From£2.42 EACH

  19. Gloves Mut 241468

    Gloves Mut
    Anti-pilling winter gloves with Velcro tightening strap.

    From£2.90 EACH

  20. Gloves Yaco 241456

    Gloves Yaco
    Winter gloves made from polyester/cotton.

    From£2.14 EACH

  21. Lambswool Scarf 272660

    Lambswool Scarf
    100% Lambswool; made in Scotland. 25cm x 180cm, with purled fringe Snug, stylish and very...

    From£23.50 EACH

  22. Mark scarf 148974

    Mark scarf
    1x1 Rib knit of 100% Acrylic

    From£6.76 EACH

  23. Mitten Siku 240212

    Mitten Siku
    Childrens winter mittens.

    From£1.92 EACH

  24. Neckerchief Plus 239749

    Neckerchief Plus
    Polyester triangular shaped neckerchief. Available in a range of bright, fashionable colours. Can...

    From£0.86 EACH

  25. Neck Warmer Holiam 286617

    Neck Warmer Holiam
    Kids polyester neck warmer. Great for autumn and winter as an alternative to a scarf.

    From£1.81 EACH

  26. Neck Warmer Meifar 252172

    Neck Warmer Meifar
    Polyester/polar fleece blend neck warmer. Features a polar fleece trim. Perfect for keeping warm...

    From£3.42 EACH

  27. Neck Warmer Trebor 241562

    Neck Warmer Trebor
    Luxury branded Antonio Miro drawstring snood with stylish pixelated design. Antipilling polar...

    From£2.46 EACH

  28. Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Jacquard Scarf 168544

    Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Jacquard Scarf
    100% Acrylic - Jacquard Scarf. Can't be dual branded.

    From£7.38 EACH

  29. Pashmina Magnolia 240132

    Pashmina Magnolia
    Viscose and polyester neck scarf.

    From£5.10 EACH

  30. Pashminas 17430

    100% Cashmere, 70% Silk/30% lambswool or 100% Viscose.

    From£13.91 EACH