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  1. Dynamo lantern spotlight 218820

    Dynamo lantern spotlight
    Dynamo high power LED flashlight, spotlight and lantern with 5 LED. 5 watts. Push-button on off....

    £0.00 EACH

  2. Led Torch "haro" 170007

    Led Torch
    For a brilliant appearance! Surprise your customers with this super bright matt black aluminium...

    £0.00 EACH

  3. Torch With Built In Ball Pen "treviso" 169993

    Torch With Built In Ball Pen
    This modern torch consists of a LED light Lanyard and black ink plastic ball pen. We will print...

    £0.00 EACH

  4. Flashcard Torch 60133915

    Flashcard Torch
    Low cost promotional torch printed in full colour on both sides. Thin enough to carry in your...

    £0.00 EACH

  5. Banner Torch Pen - Mini 218113

    Banner Torch Pen - Mini
    The Banner Torch Pen - Mini is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a Pen Torch and the...

    £0.00 EACH

  6. Portland Keyring Torch 128319

    Portland Keyring Torch
    The Portland Keyring Torch offers fantastic value for money and a stunning range of bright colours....

    £0.00 EACH

  7. Flashlight. 158523

    Flashlight. Aluminium. With LED. Includes AA battery. In gift box. 93 x 20 x 20 mm - Box: 127 x 62...

    £0.00 EACH

  8. Zogi Squarelight Flashlight 215256

    Zogi Squarelight Flashlight
    These elegant flashlights of aluminum and modern squared shape is available in different sizes.

    £0.00 EACH

  9. Led Lamp "odessa" 113358

    Led Lamp
    With its 7 LED's, this mini-torch is really bright. The body is made from aluminium with a...

    £0.00 EACH

  10. Torch "gladstone" 170137

    All-rounder! Great aluminium torch with brilliant extra functions. Complete with 6 LEDs snap hook...

    £0.00 EACH

  11. Torch "alhambra" 113431

    Stylish aluminium torch with a carabineer hook. You can change focus by simply extending the rear...

    £0.00 EACH

  12. Propus torch 116270

    Propus torch
    Single white LED light. Push button on off power switch and wrist strap. Requires 3x AAA batteries...

    £0.00 EACH

  13. Zogi Ecolight Flashlight 215257

    Zogi Ecolight Flashlight
    The small key light using led technology fits on any keyring.

    £0.00 EACH

  14. Zogi Droppy Flaslight 215259

    Zogi Droppy Flaslight
    This kittenish cute flashlight easily loops with its silicone tail around keychains or bags.

    £0.00 EACH

  15. Zogi Hangy Flashlight 215258

    Zogi Hangy Flashlight
    Hangy is always right where you need it. Just attach it with the magnet on the back to the toolbox...

    £0.00 EACH

  16. Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity: 25. 112876

    Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity 25.
    Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity: 25.

    £0.00 EACH

  17. Led Torch "limerick" 170020

    Led Torch
    Practical! Small torch for all occasions. This aluminium torch with one LED features a handy belt...

    £0.00 EACH

  18. Rubik's Led Flashlight (small) 95865

    Rubik's Led Flashlight (small)
    Let your brand shine with our Rubik's Flashlight. Just twist the cubes to switch on the light....

    £0.00 EACH

  19. 40mm PVC Torch Keyring 50193211

    40mm PVC Torch Keyring
    40mm welded pvc torch keyring in any bespoke shape. Both sides are reverse printed so that the logo...

    £0.91 EACH

  20. 60mm PVC Torch Keyring 50193181

    60mm PVC Torch Keyring
    60mm welded pvc torch keyring in any bespoke shape. Both sides are reverse printed so that the logo...

    £0.93 EACH

  21. PVC Credit Card Torch 50193182

    PVC Credit Card Torch
    Credit card sized welded pvc torch with ultra-bright led light source. Full colour print direct...

    £0.95 EACH

  22. Micro Torch Keyring 215486

    Micro Torch Keyring
    Super handy torch on a keyring. A very useful gift to promote your company name. Battery included....

    £0.96 EACH

  23. Keyring Torch Zander 240560

    Keyring Torch Zander
    Torch key ring, 1 LED with button batteries included.

    £1.09 EACH

  24. Clicker Keyring Torch 002112120

    Clicker Keyring Torch
    Small but has a good print area for a company logo and very useful promotional gift. Its a...

    £1.09 EACH

  25. Lyra carabiner key light 148907

    Lyra carabiner key light
    White single LED key light with twist on/off power. Batteries included. Not intended for climbing....

    £1.14 EACH

  26. McQueen LED Torch Keyring 12502X

    McQueen LED Torch Keyring
    Europe's best selling key ring torch! The McQueen torch comes with a key ring attachment and is...

    From£0.93 Each

  27. Keyring Torch Scam 240781

    Keyring Torch Scam
    Keyring torch, 1 LED, button batteries included.

    £1.19 EACH

  28. Eagle zipper puller key light 258121

    Eagle zipper puller key light
    This key light is the shape of a zipper pull and provides blinking or steady coloured LED light...

    £1.21 EACH

  29. Torch Bent 239923

    Torch Bent
    LED credit card torch.

    £1.21 EACH

  30. Double Torch Foton 297839

    Double Torch Foton
    Double ended torch with a flip rotation point encased in transparent plastic, wrist strap and...

    £1.21 EACH

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