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  1. 100% cotton bathrobe 220423

    100% cotton bathrobe
    Unisex bathrobe in 100% terry cotton. 280 gr/m2, unique size.

    From£29.41 EACH

  2. 30 ml sun149 lotion SPF30 220792

    30 ml sun149 lotion SPF30
    Sun149 lotion with SPF20 with carabiner. 30ml.

    From£1.60 EACH

  3. 30 pcs wet wipes 220648

    30 pcs wet wipes
    30 pre-moistened cleansing wipes presented in PP container.

    From£1.46 EACH

  4. 5-piece manicure set 220057

    5-piece manicure set
    Manicure set in oval PU pouch. All 5 tools in stainless steel.

    From£3.08 EACH

  5. 6 hand towels in basket 220422

    6 hand towels in basket
    Set of 6 facial or hand towels presented in matching colour PP basket with ribbon. 100% cotton, 330...

    From£11.83 EACH

  6. 6-tool manicure set in pouch 220056

    6-tool manicure set in pouch
    Manicure set in rectangular PU pouch. All 6 tools in stainless steel.

    From£2.75 EACH

  7. Analogical nurse watch 220476

    Analogical nurse watch
    Analogue nurses watch with plastic tag for printing and polyester strap. Water resistant. 1 cell...

    From£5.98 EACH

  8. Bag holder in heart shape 220426

    Bag holder in heart shape
    Metal bag holder in heart shape with shiny finish.

    From£2.14 EACH

  9. Bath towel set 220418

    Bath towel set
    Set of 3 bathroom towels: bath (137x70 cm), hand (70x40 cm) and facial (30x30 cm), wrapped all...

    From£15.55 EACH

  10. Beauty tool set Zebra 189088

    Beauty tool set Zebra
    Beauty tool set in trendy zebra print. The set contains tweezers and nail clippers, tools which...

    £0.00 EACH

  11. Blood pressure monitor 220350

    Blood pressure monitor
    Blood pressure monitor in plastic case. 2 AAA batteries included.

    From£24.29 EACH

  12. BMI measuring tape 256321

    BMI measuring tape
    BMI measuring tape in ABS.

    From£1.22 EACH

  13. Campaign Charity Ribbon 708106169

    Campaign Charity Ribbon
    Campaign Charity Ribbon printed in two positions in one colour with a wide choice of ribbon...

    From£0.70 EACH

  14. Clothing anti fluff roller 256383

    Clothing anti fluff roller
    Clothing anti fluff roller in PP. 3,5 m. 40 sheets.

    From£0.99 EACH

  15. Compact sewing kit 220087

    Compact sewing kit
    Compact sewing kit with essential sewing accessories in a plastic box.

    From£1.52 EACH

  16. Condom Wraps 204050

    Condom Wraps
    Card wrap containing one foil wrapped regular condom, CE approved (100% latex). The card wrap is...

    From£0.52 EACH

  17. Container with plasters 220309

    Container with plasters
    Compact plastic container including 5 pcs adhesive bandages.

    From£0.45 EACH

  18. Cosmetic bag 220301

    Cosmetic bag
    Cosmetic bag with double zipper. 600D polyester.

    From£2.06 EACH

  19. Cosmetic bag 220017

    Cosmetic bag
    600D polyester

    From£3.93 EACH

  20. Cosmetic hanging bag 220473

    Cosmetic hanging bag
    Hanging cosmetic bag with multi-compartments and mesh pockets in high density polyester. Ideal when...

    From£6.77 EACH

  21. Cosmetic pouch w/ plastic zip 220105

    Cosmetic pouch w/ plastic zip
    PVC cosmetic pouch with plastic zipper.

    From£1.08 EACH

  22. Cosmetic zipper bag 220091

    Cosmetic zipper bag
    Cosmetic zipper bag with black PVC application on corners. 190T nylon.

    From£2.20 EACH

  23. CPR mask 256402

    CPR mask
    CPR mask in case with keyring.

    From£1.29 EACH

  24. Digital thermometer in case 220521

    Digital thermometer in case
    Digital thermometer in transparent protective case. 1 cell battery is included.

    From£2.40 EACH

  25. Double magnetic mirror 220456

    Double magnetic mirror
    Double magnetic mirror in square shape with PU cover.

    From£2.29 EACH

  26. Durafile 287417

    Glass nail file supplied in transparent sleeve.

    From£0.85 EACH

  27. Ecg Rule 35083012

    Ecg Rule
    Ecg Rule

    From£0.45 EACH

  28. Electric massager in ABS 220428

    Electric massager in ABS
    Vibrating electronic massager in ABS. 3 AAA batteries not included.

    From£3.67 EACH

  29. Electric toothbrush 220552

    Electric toothbrush
    Electric tooth brush with rotary movement (6000 revolution/min.) Waterproof. 2 AA batteries not...

    From£3.71 EACH

  30. Eye Mask 159366

    Eye Mask
    Elasticated eye mask

    From£0.69 EACH